Velvet Moisture Cream


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Velvet Moisture Cream
Velvet Moisture Cream


Sunblock UV Filter. Moisturizes and Rejuvenates skin naturally. 

✔ Anti-Aging
✔ Skin Moisturizer
✔ With SPF 30

Proper hydration makes skin look healthy. Essensa Naturale Velvet Moisture Cream with Sunblock UV Filter provides care keeping it moisturized and pampered while being quickly absorbed. Velvet Moisture Cream helps maintain a healthy barrier by nourishing skin without overburden. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid – a powerful moisturizing agent and an essential component of skin, known for its ability to retain up to 1000x its weight in water, and other potent, natural and clinically proven ingredients like Shea Butter, and Sodium PCA which are responsible and most effective in providing antioxidant and anti-aging protection, as well as improving moisture-retention that are really great for the overall health of your skin. Also enhanced with sunblock for protection against sun damage.

Facial creams are one of the most important parts of your skin care regimen. You need something that will moisturize and act as a shield to protect your skin from pollutants and prevent sun damage.

Essensa Naturale Velvet Moisture Cream with Sunblock UV Filter is an ideal choice for dehydrated and dry skin. Since your face might tend to become dry with frequent washing or bathing, it is necessary to moisturize often as it feeds your skin and prevents it from aging.

Weight: 50g

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