Pearl White Gel


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Pearl White Gel


Whitening Shower Gel

✔ Refreshed
✔ Renewed
✔ Revitalized

Pearls act as a potent antioxidant, boosting the body's own enzymes and reducing peroxidation (It is the process in which free radicals "steal" electrons from the lipids in cell membranes, resulting in cell damage). Pearl also contains polysaccharides, 17 amino acids, minerals and proteins, including conchioline, (A tough, insoluble protein secreted by molluscs, forming the organic matrix of the shell within which calcium carbonate is deposited. 'This combination of calcium carbonate and conchiolin is called nacre or mother-of-pearl).' which helps replenish and rebuild the skin’s natural collagen.

Bearberry Extract and Lactate-Lactic Acid and p-Arbutin removes the causes of pigmentation by effectively inhibiting the melanin production. Leaves of bearberry contain arbutin which strongly inhibits tyrosinase activity. The whitening effects of natural L(+)- lactic acid and lactates are the result of the suppression of the formation of tyrosinase combined with the soft exfoliative action of lactic acid and lactates.

Pearl White Whitening Shower Gel cleanse, hydrates and lighten your skin at the same time as it:

• Prevents skin darkening & spots appearance.
• Is lightly scented with fragrance for a fresh & pleasant after-bath feeling.
• Has a soft silky texture which penetrates deep into skin pores, to clean and gradually lighten the overall skin tone, while smoothening skin texture.

Weight: 100 mL

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